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    Solar Financing

    Over the past several years, New Jersey has become one of the nation’s leaders in Solar Energy. Many homeowners and business owners not only realize the environmental benefits of solar energy but the true cost savings as well. Over recent years, First Equity Mortgage has become one of New Jersey’s leading lenders in providing financing for solar projects on both residential and commercial projects.

    First Equity can help finance your solar projects and help you:

    • Access almost 100% of your home’s equity to finance your solar project
    • Offer solar financing with credit scores as low as a 620 fico
    • Offer either fixed or variable rate mortgages at today’s most competitive rates
    • Allow you to finance your solar project and retain your full Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs)

    First Equity Mortgage has worked with some of New Jersey’s largest solar installers and has a full understanding of the life cycle of a solar project. For more information regarding the financing of a solar project, please contact one of our solar financing experts today!